Chagall - Sappho Song, live performance featuring mimu gloves (2015)


2" / UK


Written, performed, produced and mixed by Chagall

using mi.mu gloves to control a harmonizer

lyrics inspired by Sappho (ca. 600 BC)


DOP: Ollie Paxton

Production/A.D.: Henri Calderon & Jack Hobbs

Edit, grading & post: Ollie Paxton, Henri Calderon & Jeroen Pool

Choreography: Leyla Rees

On-set sound engineer: VeeraSofia

Styling: Linda Boger

Bodysuit: Rachel Freire

Make-up: Natalie Viner

Hair: Edie Flowers

Director: Jeroen Pool

Special thanks to Rodrigo, Radio Facilities & Kelly Snook

© 2018 Jeroen Pool